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Cleansing and Reconciling in KwaZulu-Natal

Sinani  in partnership with the office of the Premier

Sinani Circus Program report for the FIFA world cup fan fest 2010


SINANI (“we are with you”) Kwa Zulu Natal Programme for Survivors of violence is a dynamic organization which strives to better the lives of those who need it the most through many ways and mediums. Of these many, I will focus on SINANI’s Social Circus programme, one inspired by world famous Cirque du Soleil’s “Cirque du Monde”. The idea of this movement is to “install a sense of passion for circus skills”, while addressing real and expectant to open their arms out to the world, learn from them and teach them what South Africa is really about. But also it was an opportunity for the country to look inwards and realize the beauty and talent that rests within. This is why SINANI’s social circus was very happy to have been asked by FIFA to also be a part of this big event read more...

Career Awareness Event

circus7.jpg KwaZulu- Natal Programme for Survivors of Violence/Sinani  has introduced Career Open day event in 2010 as a new pilot project of facilitating visits by youth to the local university open days. The aim is to broaden their sense of possibility and inspire them to apply for tertiary education at university level.  This exciting event took place the 15th May 2010 at the University of Kwazulu-Natal (Howard Collage campus) Open Day 2010 . It has been organised under Career Awareness Project of Sinani. A group of 200 youth were selected from the 4 communities of Umbumbulu rural areas and were assisted to attend.

This event was proudly sponsered by Spring Light Gas- Durban branch. Thank you very much! for making this day an unforgatable exprience for young people. Siyabonga kakhulu

Peace building and development work in communities affected by violence, poverty, HIV and AIDS

This handbook was launched on the 15th October 2008. This handbook tries to draw in some of lessons, approaches and models developed in partnership with communities affected by adversity. Based on the work of Sinani, the handbook describes a model of holistic peace building in contexts of multiple diversity. The model promotes participatory and systematic approaches to peace-building, while including a focus on economic development and work on HIV and AIDS prevention and care. References are made to theoretical principles, descriptions of intervention strategies and practical tools of peace building. See a copy>>>

More Events

Partneship - terre des hommes training facilitation with Sinani

terre des hommes schweiz  planed a partner meeting and training on the solution focused approach (SFA) starting . It  was a 4 days training started on the 3-6 October 2011.  This was one of the tdh-ch where they organise partner meetings in each country annually or biannualy covering topics like project cycle management, psychosocial support, youth participation, gender based violence or other country and partner organisation relevant topics related to our work.  This programm  is regarded as a “partner platform”  for mutual exchange amongst partners.

Sinani, tdh partner organisation trained in SFA and participating organisation of the tdh regional program “youth2youth” accepted to facilitate the partner meeting . Sinani felt very honoured train the tdh partners in SA on the solution focused approach on tdh behalf.


Immediate impact SFA training

Gabriela Wichser- the Programme Coordinator of terre des hommes schweiz has presented  a positive report  to sinani about the Solution Focused Approach (SFA) training workshop mentioned above. “I realized again and again how extremely valuable the first platform in South Africa was. I’d like to express our full gratitude to the Sinani trainers (Philo, Siphiwo, Madlala), to Simanga and the rest of Sinani who made this training such a success” say’s Gabriela. It is exciting to learn that there is a feedback from Child Care, Dlalanathi and LifeLine,already; indicating that Child Carers have started to use SFA questions in difficult meetings with local leaders and that it has created a turning point in a discussion that was hard for months!.  In the report that Gabriela sent, it was also indicated that Lifeline has shared SFA with all LifeLine affiliate organisations around Southern Africa. "They are all thrilled and want more copies of the book!" says Gabriela.  Dlalanathi Youth shared SFA in their youth group and the group got into a very strong dynamic talking about their strengths and what they want to achieve as a group.
These are only some first flashlights of the seeds that Sinani SFA facilitators have planted through training the partner organisations and the youth members in SFA!

Youth to Youth (Y2Y)

Terre des homes Switzerland and Germany are sponsoring an innovative exchange programme between youth from Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. This is a two year programme where youth from each country will visit one another to learn more about supporting other youth through community based programmes. The focus of the learning is on Solution Focused Approaches and renowned trainer Theres Steiner will use her creative methods to encourage youth to focus on solutions. The youth have been specially selected for their proactive role in supporting other youth in their communities affected by HIV, Aids and poverty.    

Community Leaders Speak About HIV and AIDS

Sinani brought together leadership from more than ten different communities to discuss their plans to support HIV and Aids prevention in their areas. The leaders gave a moving account of their concerns about the devastating impact of HIV and Aids, and their wish to be better informed so that they may support community based organisations in their work. The slogan “with respect we care” was used to promote respectful ways of supporting families affected by HIV and Aids and to promote ways of rebuilding the social fabric of communities to prevent further spread of HIV.    

Traditional cleansing ceremonies bring peace

Traditional leadership of three communities in KwaZulu-Natal have facilitated cleansing ceremonies (known as inhlambuluko or ihlambo in Zulu) which focus on spiritual and social means of reconciliation between villages which have been at war and the people who have passed away during this violence. Read more about this work here …  

Young men and women work on masculinity and gender identity

60 young men and women have been selected from Sinani partner communities to discuss gender roles and the impact that this has on their lives. Wishing to come together to talk about promoting positive images of masculinity, femininity and identity of youth, these young people plan to work together on messages to take to their families and communities through community campaigns.

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“These experiences were not meant to break us. They were given to us in order that we might be strengthened. It is the same boiling water that hardens an egg and softens a carrot.”- Sinani participant
“ The peace that we have experienced here today is remarkable. If only Sinani could have been here two decades ago – think of all the lives that could have been saved.”- Leadership forum member
“I wish to die here at the Sinani offices – the way people care for you when you are not feeling well.”- Person living with Aids
“We will no longer be known as the Beirut of Durban, thanks to Sinani.”- Leadership forum member
“I live next to an area where many people were killed. Every night I was woken by the voices and screams of those people. But the day after the ceremony the voices were quiet and have been at rest every since.” - Leadership forum member
“I wish to die here at the Sinani offices – the way people care for you when you are not feeling well.”- Leadership forum member
“I live next to an area where a lot of people were killed. I used to wake up hearing voices outside, but when I went out there was no-one. The day after the cleansing ceremony it was quiet and I have not heard the voices anymore.” - Richmond community member

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