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Materials Development

Sinani believes that quality experiential training should always be supplemented by thorough materials which are left with the participants to further their learning and to pass on their knowledge to others. Materials are available for each of the topics mentioned. They are simple and accessible, while being highly professional. Use is made of local and international theories and literature in developing the materials. Where possible, materials are available in both English and isiZulu.

  • Restoring Dignity – Handbook for Trauma Support Workers
  • Planning and Consultation Handbook
  • Fundraising Guide
  • Facilitation Guide
  • Annual Reports
  • Research Policy
  • Internship Policy
  • Research Reports:
  • Traditional Conceptions of Trauma
  • Income Generating Projects Review
  • Stigma Towards Children Affected by HIV and Aids
  • Elderly Caregivers Consultation
  • Papers presented/published by Sinani staff (also available in German)
  • Media reports (also available in isiZulu)


The Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA) approved a full accreditation as an education and training provider for the Victim Empowerment, NQF Level 3.  

Peace building and development Handbook

This handbook has been recently launched on the 15th October 2008. Directors of different organisations attended the launch and it went very well. The event was also honoured by Ms Yasmin Bacus - HOD of Dept of Community Safety and Liaison who was the guest speaker. The handbook itself is about peace building and development work in communities affected by violence, poverty, HIV and AIDS and it can be used by community practictioners. To readers of this handbook, we would very much appreciate if you could give us a feedback about the handbook to help us learn and improve our work. Please fill in the following questionnaire and send your answer by mail, fax or post. handbook_questionnaire

Below is  a copy of peace and community development handbook to download:


Annual Reports

It outlines Sinani’s programmes and work for each year. Sinani’s annual reports highlights different support that was received from different funding organisations, programmes activities for the year, the impact, successes, challenges and future plans. It then indicates finances and material available. It is  always written in both English and isizulu .

ar 2004_1-22                             
ar 2005_1-22   
ar 2005_23-43
ar 2007_1-26

3 series trauma pamphlets:

A summarized information on what is trauma with examples of traumatic experience, how it affects us. Ways of recovering from trauma using 5 steps model are also suggests. Finally, ideas about what communities can do to break the cycle of violence are also indicated. It is available in both isizulu and english.


Consultation and Planning manual

This handbook is designed for community development workers. It explains in a simple way the planning and consultation process for the success of the community development. More attention is being placed on careful and consultative community entry process to promote ownership of projects. It also focuses on qualities of development facilitators that are regarded as a vital foundation for productive partnership between the developer and the community. It is available in both English and isizulu


Trauma Support Handbook

An interesting handbook for trauma support workers. It highlights the impact of trauma in terms of understanding trauma and its impact. It also outlines in details trauma support work and this includes 5 stage model of trauma counseling. Counseling considerations are summarized briefly as well as special issues such as children and trauma, abuse of the elderly, domestic violence, rape, bereavement, depression, suicide and working with perpetrators of violence.  


Sinani video

It is about working with communities affected by violence. Different participants are sharing their personal testimonies and experiences of violence


Fundraising for community groups

It serves as a training guide for group facilitators when working with groups on community fundraising mainly for local and national events and projects. This manual defines who is the right sponsor, how to find them and where using practical examples. A simple matrix for a convincing fundraising strategy and fundraising tools is also included and finally ends with report and evaluation examples.


HIV/AIDS Programme–hiv_aids_brochure highlights the philosophy of our model of intervention, area of our work and problems we are trying to address, aims and objectives, what do we offer to communities as well a who do we work with. They all end with a standard paragraph outlining our values as an organization peace_brochure and Poverty alleviation Programme – The two brochure begins with a cycle of violence with explains why so many communities in the province are affected by high levels of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse and crime. It further defines aims of the two projects, peace building approach, what we offer to communities with regards to peace building and poverty alleviation.Sinani work brochure - Explains about who is Sinani and who do we work with. Sinani’s work with community based structures in three different programmes such as HIV/AIDS, Peace building and poverty alleviation programme, is summarized briefly in this brochure.- This brochure has been designed to give information on how violence and trauma affect children. It gives basic insights on how children affected by trauma as well as common behavours of children affected, what parents and caregivers can do to help children deal with it. It uses a case study as a practical example that helps you to exercise the support you can give to affected children. It is available in both isizulu and englishchildrens_trauma_brochure - Gives information on what is a traumatic experience and why should one seek the need of trauma counseling. It then explains different responses to traumatic experience as well as fears that an individual normally has when thinking about trauma counseling. Lastly, it talks about how to support someone affected by traumaResearch policy, reports and brochure - They give background information on why does Sinani have the research policy outline mainly ethics of conducting different research. Research reports are indicating different researches that have been conducted previously as well as findings that informs Sinani’s work and approach. Information on areas of research, methodology, participants/ beneficiaries and what Sinani offer with regards to research is also outlined.



The posters carry respect messages in relations to human rights issues. The aim of these posters is to promote respectful ways of interacting amongst different people in the community. You can see the posters by clicking here...            

         Sinani had an exciting opportunity to attend and present a paper during the international HIV and AIDS Conference
         that took place in Mexico City in the first week of August. Nozipho Mhlongo did a presentation.   


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“These experiences were not meant to break us. They were given to us in order that we might be strengthened. It is the same boiling water that hardens an egg and softens a carrot.”- Sinani participant
“ The peace that we have experienced here today is remarkable. If only Sinani could have been here two decades ago – think of all the lives that could have been saved.”- Leadership forum member
“I wish to die here at the Sinani offices – the way people care for you when you are not feeling well.”- Person living with Aids
“We will no longer be known as the Beirut of Durban, thanks to Sinani.”- Leadership forum member
“I live next to an area where many people were killed. Every night I was woken by the voices and screams of those people. But the day after the ceremony the voices were quiet and have been at rest every since.” - Leadership forum member
“I wish to die here at the Sinani offices – the way people care for you when you are not feeling well.”- Leadership forum member
“I live next to an area where a lot of people were killed. I used to wake up hearing voices outside, but when I went out there was no-one. The day after the cleansing ceremony it was quiet and I have not heard the voices anymore.” - Richmond community member

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