The goal (or strategic objective) of the Youth Development Programme is to facilitate the development of young people and their structures and ensure that these address the rights and needs of young people.

The long term-outcomes which this programme is working towards are:

  • A reduction in teenage pregnancy, HIV infections and gender base violence in/amongst youth
  • A generation of young people who are hopeful and have plans for their future.
  • Have self-agency and make considered choices; and
  • Are contributing positively to their communities.
  • An economy that offers inclusive participation to young people

The programme targets teenagers and young adults of ages between 16 18 and 20-35, respectively, who are both in and out of school and as such the programme is designed to be facilitated both in and out of schools. Within schools, the Sinani Community Development Facilitators (CDF) liaises with the Department of Education Learner Support person, or other relevant staff member, to facilitate the delivery of the SFA programme and its related series of events – drama, poetry, creative writing, debating and dialogue.  For out-of-school youth and for in-school youth where entry to the school has not yet been permitted, the young people are systematically engaged with off the school premises.

Personal development is the first step within the youth programme. A modular, year-long course has been designed. The process is intensive, looking at psychological and emotional aspects using the SFA with ongoing psychosocial support.  This self-care work on the individual then cascades in more collective work. The youth form groups with a leadership structure, a designated meeting place and a written mandate for their work.  The groups help to run community events involving other community members and structures which give voice to their work, create opportunities for dialogue and seek to create linkages within the community.